About the Aegis Imperium

The Aegis Imperium was founded in 2008 for the MMORPG Mortal Online.

We see ourselves as more of a community than just a guild; we are interested in all manner of games that can be played together. AI enjoys achievements, exploration and building up things of value and over the years we’ve had people dominating many different play styles– crafting, solving in- and out-of-game problems, PvP, PvE and generally contributing to communities by discussing content and game progression as well as creating guides, maps and other helpful gadgets.

We don’t have a steep hierarchical structure; more of a democracy, everyone’s opinion counts as long as they work with the basic ideas of the guild. While static leadership helps in some situations and a lot of people just want to be led by others, we encourage our members to rise up and take a leading role in activities they enjoy or are knowledgeable about. Aside from this we have a core group of veteran members who oversee the integrity of the guild.

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  1. / ReplyLumiere
    Good day. My user name is Lumiere. I will like to be known as such. First a bit of a background story; I am a 25 year old South African Auditing student. I work part time to help pay the bills. I have been playing World of Warcraft private servers for the past couple of years; on-and-off. I played the game achieving many things along with my very successful guild, but regularly got bored with it due to the simplicity of its mechanics, and was always yearning for something a little more complicated. It was not until now that I heard about Mortal Online. I decided to have a look through the forums on topics I deemed interesting. The one that caught my eye, was the one discussing the possibility of a "New server War". Anyways, in this thread, I found out all I wanted to know, to be able to give the game at least a try. And your guild seemed to be the least "assholey" out of the whole bunch of guilds being represented by their members, if I may put it bluntly. I therefore, would like to apply for membership of your guild. My credentials; I am a loyal, trusting, hard working individual that has natural leadership qualities, although I do require to be a bit more level headed in situations and occasionally let my emotions get the best of me. Anyways, Thanks for the time. I hope you feel that I am able to add as much to your guild, as I think that I possibly can. P.S. I still need to download the client, which will happen within the following days. Regards, Lumiere
    • / ReplyNecromantic
      Hey, sorry we didn't notice this comment before in all the recent automated bot posts. It would be best if you write any application posts on the forums in our recruitment section: It's easier to keep track and spot these things there as you can see by us not noticing this before.

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