Sarducaa Release, May 17th 2015

The long awaited big patch that will introduce the second continent Sarducaa will finally release on this Sunday, May 17th 2015.

In addition to Sarducaa there will be new creatures, new things to discover, many more items, supposedly improved AI and a lot of stepping stones for other systems to be introduced in the future. Sarducaa will also bring with it the new Heat system that will force you to consider your surroundings more when moving around in the open.

It’s one of the – if not the the biggest content patches, I’d say, since release. But in my opinion people expect too many immediate changes from it and setting their expectations too high.

For me all the Sarducaa patch introduces is new things to explore including a new continent that is bigger than Myrland, a lot of other content to play around with, especially with the new creatures and hopefully improved AI. The rest for me is pretty much just a stepping stone and getting closer to the Magic Revamp and more actual content. The heat system will mostly apply to Sarducaas hot temperatures, Myrland will mostly stay temperate. I know that a lot of people expect miracle balance and things like that which was never what they said it would be about.

The patch also won’t just let you go over to Sarducaa in an instant, the community will have to combine their efforts to rebuild the Bridge between the continents for anyone to get over for the time being. This might as well take a prolonged time and turn into a slaughter fest. It will be interesting to see what the community does about it.

For a landmass I’m personally still more looking forward to Nordveld and the cold climate. Blainn and Kallard for life. 😉

They have also released a lot of lore for Sarducaa, which I have linked below.

Star Vault has already released the updated client as a standalone torrent for you to pre-load and the automatic patches for the patch system will go life on Sunday.
Be advised that the standalone torrent is not the best way to update and you won’t be able to use an updated client until Sunday so trying to update before that will render your client useless until Sunday.

Either way, if you have any opinion on this post it in the comment section.
I hope to see a few of you old timers back and new people are always welcome.
Join us on the community IRC channel and see you all on the continent, and before that on the bridge!


Summary of some of the features (More in the updates below):

  • Sarducaa is approximately 85 square kilometers. Myrland is 64.
  • We have added around 100 new NPCs and AI for you to encounter.
  • 20 new titles for you to find.
  • 30 new fishes have been added.
  • 5 new fully craftable armors have been added to the game.
  • 5 new songs have been added to the soundtrack
  • There are 300+ new items to find.
  • The internal patch notes have over 300 entries.
  • We have added around 4 gigabytes of new content.


Update: The patch is now live.

Sarducaa Trailer:
Patch Notes:


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Lore Galore:
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Sarducaa Standalone

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