Small Update on Game Engines and Technology

Just a bit ago the Unreal Engine 4 turned free for colleges and universities.
Unreal Engine Educational License

At the recent Unite 2014 the Unity team released a public beta of Unity 4.6. Which features the long awaited new GUI system.
The first Unity 5 beta build has been said to be sent to pre-order customers in the next few weeks as well.
Unity 5 Information

Also recently the Oculus Rift DK2 has been shipped to most customers. We’ve got a few in our lab as well. It has gotten a few upgrades since the DK1 but there are still some problems with it and sadly it’s gotten even more inconvenient in some ways for people with glasses.
Oculus Rift DK2 Information

And a kickstarter for Project PERCEPTION NEURON: Motion Capture, VR and VFX a wireless full body motion tracking system will end. Working with these kind of things and knowing what these systems usually cost – with way less features – this is pretty much a gift package if they can realize it. I’m tempted to get one myself for private use and development.
Project PERCEPTION NEURON: Motion Capture, VR and VFX Kickstarter

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  1. / ReplyLugard
    Hmm, that new GUI system for unity seems interesting, looking at the examples it feels like a integrated version of scaleform, and as such more flexible. But it's still cheaper to pay for udk4 and an adobe flash professional subscription. Unless the pricing changes I don't see myself switching to Unity, that or I need to be swept away by some Unity features that I don't know about yet. Which could happen as I don't bother reading up too often :s
  2. / ReplyNecromantic
    Aside from some Pro-only features Unity is completely free. I do assume they will adjust their Pro subscription fee in the near future to adapt to the changes of Unreal Engine and CryEngine.
  3. / ReplyAriae
    It really is getting easier and more interesting to develop HMI devices, it's like a goldmine. I've started playing around with the PS3 controller myself, trying to make some fancy scripts and functions for a hovercraft. Only on paper so far of course. The amount of open software and development drivers available is insane! Yay!

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