It is moving sir!

It seems like a week is just the amount of time that is needed for me to gather my thoughts and have enough information and news to have at least a semi-interesting post.

This week is the week it is going to happen. Signing the final papers and start paying for the big ass loan. It will be interesting to see how much it will be for the first couple of months. Paying two houses at the same time might be a bit taxing but we’ll just have to see/manage.

Interesting thing however happened. With some tough decision making I am able to save myself 200e a month. Just the right amount in my eyes to start playing with stocks. Not too much to lose and just enough to gain things. I guess my next post will be on the adventures in finding the right broker for my setup. And finally talks about what to buy and more interesting why…

So how has your progression been?

Numbers and the truth that lies between them

It seems like three days is a bit too much to ask. There has not been that much of progression since last week. And I have not really jumped into the money growing business yet because of the fact that at this very moment the money to play around with is still stuck.

But that doesn’t mean I do not have much to write about. I’ve been looking through my lovely excel sheet of money and have found the following :

Income (both combined) : Net 4000

Going out (all combined : Net 2200

This would leave me around 1800 to save/do fun stuff with etc.

In the coming month I’ll be able to save myself some money by letting my employer pay my health insurance. Saving me around 100 bucks a month.

This would leave me with 1900 to save/do fun stuff with. Out of that 1900 I’d like to spend anywhere between 250-350 per person on just all out fun stuff. I want to be debt free not turn into a cheap bastard. So that leaves around 1200 to spend on saving.

I’d love to save around 200 a month for repairs and other stuff for my house (anywhere between painting/repairs etc). Which leaves me 1000 for paying off my mortgage.

This will all end up yearly on around 12k on a slow year up to 21k on a great year (3k end year bonus, 3k tax return, 3k profit bonus). So I’d rather take the stuff that I know I’m going to get which is going to be 15k a year.

Looking at the payment rates I have and the time it’ll take me to clear it all I’ll still be in debt for 60k after 10 years. Sadly I’ve set my mortgage up in a way that it lets me pay my interest first and after that let the actual debt go down.

And this all without the actual investments that I’ve been talking about last time. Out of the 350 a month that I get myself I’d like to spend around 100-200 on investments + any raises/bonusses/lottery winnings/etc I might get which will end up at around 2k a year. I know this is not much at all but my prime goal is to get debt free asap while getting a hang of the investing.

Lowering my mortgage with 150k in 10 years would save me around 600 bucks a month which I could re-invest or even pay more off yearly.

There are also some changes that might happen on the way. There is going to be a time where something like children might enter reality. This will be in around 3-5 years. Which will undoubtedly slash into my monthly savings. There are also things like changes in jobs/salaries. Momentarily I’m on the low side of my possible income. I’ve got around 700 net to gain between now and around 5 years. This would of course help immensely with all my goals.

The question of the week is going to be :

How much money would you risk monthly in investments looking at this and your situation?

Preparing for the worst

Hello all,

I’m taking the opportunity to discuss something that I initially thought we would never see on this blog. Shit is getting personal. I haven’t been around playing Mortal now for several months and I’m quite enjoying that. Not that I had the time for it anyway….

I have set myself in debt. It seemed to be the right time to buy a house. And having the prospect of paying off 270k euro’s got myself thinking. What the hell am I doing and more interestingly enough what am I going to do about it.

I cannot see myself working and doing what I do right now for the next 35 years. So it was time to look at what I could do about it. After some massive reading and soul-searching I have decided that I want to be able to retire in about 20 years.

But Geops you silly idiot. Who can retire in their 40′s and how the hell are you going to achieve that starting with close to no savings? Well that is all going to change of course. Luckily I happen to have a plan for this all. I’m going to do four things…

Pay off my awesome newly acquired debt. I’m going to save myself money each month. I’m going to invest into long term dividends and I’m going to bore all of you with this for the next months.

Now you might have heard or read something about these awesome dudes that were/are able to retire at their 30′s. Starting by saving money around their 20′s and just kept on going and investing. Well I’m about 10 years late but sure as hell not going to give up.

To achieve my awesome goal I will have to save around 50% of my net income each month and I will have to start looking into investments and other ways of making money.  I was just wondering how the rest of my peers look at these types of things. And more importantly if you guys would allow me to abuse this awesome place for my adventure. At the very least it can spur up some lovely discussions on life and how we all battle the bills.

So should I start my own blog and get the hell out of here? Does anyone want to join me in my crusade and/or keep this blog alive?

Next up….. (will try to post every 3 days) current status and goals… the dark truth….

Aegis-Imperium opening business again


The Aegis-Imperium has started recruiting again. After a lovely dip in activity we have found new goals to achieve. We are looking for players that want to take on challenges of all sorts in Mortal Online.

Always wanted to know how the game works? Help out in figuring out how to cook? Or just looking for a cool bunch to hang around with and have some fun? Well what are you waiting for? Jump on mumble (and check out the forums) and join the Imperium…..

We get shit done (again)!

You can download mumble here
Port: 36099

Battling the bots

toasterIn every MMO there are mundane tasks a player must do to progress. Usually these things are there because we don’t want instant gratification and you want to work towards something.

To take away the mundane parts a lot of people make use of handy macros and F2P accounts. Those are free and there are no choices in the actions so a simple script can take care of them. This often means that you get some disruption somewhere in the market ingame but also discourages others to compete while sitting behind there PC.

We have all seen what a lovely fish macro can do and we all have killed an afk miner with around 30 stacks of granum on him. The way Mortal Online tries to combat this is to restrict the mundane tasks in several ways. Changing the action itself. Playing around with stats in the hopes that it would discourage those that do not want to perform the task.

Although I applaud their actions I do believe there is a simple and elegant solution to the issue. Right now something like fishing / woodcutting / mining / stuff that you can macro cost an investment of around 10s and you can make tens of gold out of that 10s. Plus there are no skills that take more than 60 in its prerequisites  to perform better at your actions. This makes it so that a player can invest close to nothing and gain a bucket of rewards. Even worse is the fact that the 1s pickaxes do not drop if you die.

There is no way for me as a player to invest into equipment and skills to outperform the bots. If StarVault would invest into something like gathering equipment and some primary skills for gatherers one would be more hunted and at the same time get more rewarded for their work.  Make it so that F2P’s can still perform as miners but only if they invest into equipment to gain slightly more than we can now. And reward the paying players by giving them more options in the gathering professions.

These new type of gatherers will outclass the bots fast because after a couple of kills the investment isn’t worth the reward if you do not “actively” play your characters. It takes a small amount of coding but it sure as hell would fix a lot more…

A look at new continents in Mortal Online

Mortal Online Map

Well it’s not really a direct look at any particular continent, it’s more of an evaluation of what it might bring to the table.
I’m not going to lie, I don’t like the priority or focus that a new continent is now getting over other features. I’ve been waiting for some features in Mortal Online for literally over half a decade by now. But I will put this aside and look at a new continent on it’s own from my point of view and also what it could mean for the Aegis Imperium and possibly other guilds.

We are a guild of achievers, explorers, people who like to figure things out and get shit done. New land will give us an incentive to go back to our roots again, go out and explore the new world, maybe even create new maps. As the creation and placement of cities etc. is supposed to be out by then as well we might be able to finally build some more sophisticated settlements. I’d love to settle in the cold climate in the north that is Nordveld. But I could live with the jungles of Urmothâr (Lykia) or even the deserts of Sarducaa. The little lore and art we have concerning them makes them all interesting in their own ways.

There has always been one place on Myrland in the back of our minds ever since we’ve lost it to foul play (basically exploiting) and similar betrayals.
It might bring us new flora to discover and new fauna to tame and utilize. We might finally be able to leave some of that negative baggage of the many years we’ve spend with Mortal Online behind and start up something with a new spirit. We’ve been the first to build on Myrland let’s do it again!
Since there have already been some spoilers about boats, travel between continents might add many new possibilities. I know there have been quite some people looking for all things naval. Piracy anyone?

What do you guys think? What are you looking forward to do with a new continent. If you have not been playing will it bring you back to at least try it out?

Game Engine News from GDC 2014

GDC 2014 has brought us news from the most popular Game Engines on the market: Unreal Engine and Unity (+ CryEngine showcase)

Unreal Engine 4 Banner
Unreal Engine 4 has been released and it seems they scrapped the free UDK version in favor for their montly subscription model (19$ per month + 5% of your sales earnings) with full source code access in GitHub. Actually the  UDK is not even mentioned anywhere, so it’s all just speculation on my side but it can’t easily be found found on their website anymore and they recommend people starting new UDK project to give Unreal Engine 4 a try (
I think removing it would be a terrible idea but we’ll see how this goes for them.
Official News Post
Teaser Video

Unity 5 Banner

Unity 5 has been announced for this year and is looking good. With new Shader Technology, Global Illumination, improved Audio, full WebGL support (no more browser plugin requirement), a 64 Bit Editor (finally) and much more.
Official News Post
Features and Preorder
Teaser Video

CryTek is also adopting a subscription based model of 9,90 $/€ per user with no royalties for CryEngine. They have also put up a video showcase for you to enjoy. Other than that there isn’t much new information there.
I personally dislike it when Companies just slap the Dollar and Euro sign onto price values for a 1:1 conversion, in essence making Europeans pay more. We already pay more on hardware, don’t make us pay more on Software as well.
Official Subscription Announcement
Official Showcase Post
Teaser Video

You best check out all the features of both engines for yourself.
Unity has become more and more popular in all kinds of applications over the years with these new features and no more UDK I foresee that Unity’s popularity will only increase further. I’ve used Unreal Engine before and I’ve been using Unity for projects for years now. In terms of work flow Unity has always been ahead of Unreal Engine. I hear from some sources this has gotten better in UE 4 but I’ll have to see for myself if I get the chance. In my opinion in the end with both engines the outcome highly depends on able developers more so than on the engines cutting-edge technologies. And good work flow helps this a lot.